I received so much kind support from people, and am delighted to launch this media project. I will be working on gospel-based cultural messaging in multiple genres, ranging from drama to fiction to commentary.

For the first broadcast, scroll down to see a session of CogWatch, a program that will be co-hosted by Brittany Klein. It is named after “Cogs” or “children of gays,” a circle of activists that included me and Brittany speaking out on the experiences of people with critical thoughts about having grown up in the LGBT community.

The first broadcast focuses on England. The broadcasts will be manageable sizes for downloads and listening, about 15 minutes to start. But there will be a lot of content coming.

I want to state my deep gratitude to the people who have supported me as I left academia. I will do my best to waste no time on bitterness or wondering what could have been, had I kept my job in a seminary. I am going where God calls me as long as He sees fit to provide me with abundance.

Enjoy the journey!