Rules for Dealing with Nasty and Aggressive LGBT Activists

The Top Rules for Dealing with Nasty LGBT Activists

1. Stay focused. Do not let them derail your attention to side issues.
2. Take breaks from dealing with them. You do not have to engage every comment. Feel free to block anyone on social media with no apologies or explanations. 
3. Remember that their influence is largely an illusion. Most reasonable people can see through the insanity in their attacks on you, even when it’s online.
4. You ask the questions. Never let them interrogate you.
5. Do not apologize. At best “clarify” something you’ve said.
6. Keep your language clean. Let them own the profanity. You will anger them more with wholesome language making a strong point.
7. Do not play defense. If they start making the argument about you, continue to return to your main point.
8. Challenge them on their behavior. Point out that their vicious and unreasonable behavior is part of why you hold the unfavorable views about their movement and why you disagree with them.
9. Engage with them in groups. Do not be alone and isolated when they attack. Make sure you and your allies have a plan beforehand so you know you will not throw each other under the bus.
10. Do not show fear. Reread Joshua 1:9. You are dealing with a movement that has made all its progress by scaring people. They smell fear and attack when you start to concede.
11. Do your homework. Make sure you have a firm grasp of the facts you are going to cite. This is mostly so you feel confident in your position; in reality your opponents will not even pay attention to facts, but they will notice your confidence.
12. Enter the engagement with completely low expectations and do not be discouraged if you discover they are simply unable to deal rationally with you.
13. Get records. Take video or audio. Publish it if there is dispute later about who is aggrieved in the engagement.
14. Understand you only need God on your side, though a small number of well-adjusted and trustworthy allies will be extremely valuable.