Same-Sex Abuse Survivors: Left Behind by MeToo, LGBT, and the Church?

In this installment of 3XG, Daren and Bobby and Kevin discuss the triple failure of society to address same-sex abuse. MeToo launched in 2017 and has still largely sidestepped the high volume of cases of same-sex abuse. The LGBT community seems unwilling to back away from its age-old claims that anyone who notices same-sex abuse is homophobic, and the abusers are really just cruel heterosexuals or self-denying gays whose internalized homophobia caused it. Lastly, the churches have still focused overwhelmingly on healing from sin, which may unintentionally help predators evade justice and may contribute to blaming the victim. All of this marks a big moment: Inside Higher Ed published an article on same-sex abuse which they never would have published in previous years (we assume), in fact showing more grace to Bobby than the Southern Baptist outlets have shown. Also there are several freedom marches coming up. See links:…… If you want to check back on more installments, follow and share this with others.