SBC INSIDER: Big Eva chiefs tar Breitbart, Capstone, Harris as “fake news” but we know better

With Littleton unavailable, Lopez joins with guest Judd Saul of Enemies within the Church ( to discuss a week of the evangelical powers and principalities trying to discredit the news sources that have published key exposés of corruption in the Southern Baptist Convention: Breitbart News (which exposed the Soros and Singer ties to the Evangelical Immigration Table, tied to Russell Moore’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission), Jon Harris (whose channel Conversations that Matter has pounded the seminary leaders for pushing leftist curriculum contrary to what they profess to teach publicly), and Capstone Report (which has broken many stories about corruption, discrimination, and financial swindles in the Convention). The SBC bigwigs want everyone to believe only what the Baptist Press and their organization’s respective blogs and websites say, bolstered with the occasional show of slavish loyalty from their usual lackeys on Facebook and Twitter. In one week, the Baptist Press ran a story claiming to “debunk” Breitbart’s reportage about the links between George Soros and the Evangelical Immigration Table; then bloggers unveiled writings from a decade ago by a teenage Jon Harris that showed politically incorrect views on confederate history and slavery; and the Capstone Report got pounded for an article on Midwestern president Jason Allen’s meeting with the governor of Missouri that turned out not to be proven. Social media exploded with attempts to tar all the reporting done by these sources as “fake news.” But as Judd Saul and Bobby Lopez discuss in this program, the dissidents in the SBC know that the real fake news is what comes out of the fake leadership in the Convention– and these little swipes will not silence the growing number of people who know something seriously wrong is going on in the SBC.