Denise and Bobby discuss SuperTuesday and a host of issues tied to it. As two conservative “exiles” from both sides they have quite a few insights to share: (1) Why Bernie Sanders looks like the Democrats’ Trump but isn’t, (2) Why Biden’s Democrat Establishment will have more chance of prevailing than the Jeb Bush Republican Establishment, (3) Why Bernie Bros. lack the resolve and survivalist killer instinct that propelled Trumpers as far as they did, (4) What a Biden candidacy will mean for the Never Trumpers (the “Loser Republican” constituency), (5) Why a Biden candidacy undermines the libertarian Loser Republican hyperfocus on “Socialism Sucks” and may force the Never Trumpers to admit they are not conservative at all, (6) why the small-government and free-speech claims of the establishment conservatives are revealed as baseless when we take into account their attacks against social conservatives who never called for government control of people’s lives but who were rather using their free speech to comment on common values for society. A big show to unpack!