Bobby Lopez is a writer and researcher. He taught college students for twenty years, having attained his degrees from Yale University and University at Buffalo in political science, English, and classics.

His writing includes academic research and casual commentary. Bobby worked in cable television, four colleges, the Army Reserves, and a Manhattan law firm.

He approaches difficult issues from many different professional perspectives and religious viewpoints. He has been a born-again Christian since 2008. 

Bobby publishes daily podcasts.

MondayCogWatchWith Brittany Klein covering the world as seen by children of gays
TuesdayPhilosophy & Foolery With Jeff Younger discussing politics, theology, ethics, and the pressures of modernity
WednesdayLove & RelationshipsWith Denise McAllister on the power of human connection and solidarity
ThursdayEducationWith Alice Linahan on the perils of the modern education system
Friday3XG Voices of the VoicelessBobby, Daren, and Kevin take on the culture as ex-LGBT warriors
SaturdaySBC InsiderInside-the-wire coverage of the ongoing civil war in the Southern Baptist Conference

Bobby’s goal is to defend the virtues of traditional culture from the forces of false virtue, whether it be from the decadent left or the corrupt and duplicitous right.